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Why can’t I find an event on the website?
Below are a few reasons or suggestions to help you with your search.
  • No performances are currently scheduled for the building, date, or artist you may have selected. 
  • Marshall Arts Ltd will only list an event after all information is confirmed with artist management. Events are always listed in time to purchase the day tickets are put on sale. 
  • Check the proper spelling of the artist, band, or building. All words must be spelled correctly. 
  • Check to see you entered the proper Search Type and the corresponding artist, city, post code, or building. 
  • Make sure there is spacing between your words (i.e. Celine Dion, not celinedion)
  • Try a different search method. Search by city or post code instead of artist name or building name. 

How do I buy tickets?
  • Online - Buy Tickets link provided by 
  • Phone - You may purchase tickets by calling the local ticketing service for the building. The number is often found on the building website provided. 
  • Box Office - You may purchase tickets directly at the building box office. Check the building website for specific business hours. 
  • Outlet - You may purchase tickets directly at a local retailer. Check the building website for local retail outlets. 

How do I purchase accessible seating?
Please visit our contact us page to request more information.

How can I meet the band?
Only the artist record company, artist management, or artist fan club grant backstage access or meet n’ greet opportunities. Marshall Arts Ltd does not handle artist access.

How do I contact the band for a donation, charity, or special circumstance inquiries?
Marshall Arts Ltd is unfortunately not able to grant or forward requests for donations, charity tickets, or request for special circumstances such as private meet n’ greets with or on behalf any band or festival. We suggest you contact that band directly through their official website, MySpace page, or Fan Club online, or contacting their Agent, Publicist, or Manager directly. Marshall Arts Ltd regrets we do not have the ability to help locate contact information for each band due to the large volume of shows offered.

How do I get directions to the show?
Directions for most shows can be found on the building’s official site. Directions may also be available on the official ticketing company's website for the specific event.

The show is this week and I don’t have my tickets, I’ve lost them, or they’ve been damaged. What can I do?
Tickets Haven’t Arrived
Please call the ticketing company for the event if you have not received your tickets within 3 days prior to the event. They have information to track your order and recommend a solution. Various buildings use different ticketing systems of which the two most popular are:

See Tickets:
Tickets Are Lost or Damaged
Please call the ticketing company for the event directly regarding lost or damaged tickets. They have information to track your order and recommend a solution.

For tickets purchased through Artist Fan Club or another organization you should contact that organization directly for information.

What happens if my event is cancelled or postponed?
Please call the ticketing company for the cancelled or postponed event to receive a refund or exchange for that event.

Check your confirmation email for the name of the ticketing company through which your tickets were purchased.

'instructions for Ticketmaster orders are at
Instructions for See Tickets orders
Several buildings operate their own ticketing system. If the event is not on Ticketmaster or, please visit the specific building website for information.

Where can I find a seating chart?
Sorry, no seating charts are available

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